High-pressure cleaning case studies

    Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide case study

    We were on a job in the area when Brian saw our ‘work in progress’ signs and approached us. He needed the roof cleaned on a four-storey apartment block.


    The request was a pretty tall order, made a little more difficult due to the roof’s steep pitch. But we love a challenge!


    The job required a combination of soft washing and high-pressure cleaning techniques to accommodate hard-to-reach areas and different surfaces. It wasn’t an easy task, but we were determined to get results for Brian.



    An entrance ramp to a beige brick residential apartment block after a high-pressure strata clean

    Restoring a back yard oasis with a swimming pool high-pressure clean

    When Kane called us asking if we could help him revert an unused pond back to a swimming pool, we thought he was joking. The pond was no longer in use, so Kane wanted it converted back into a swimming pool to make the most of the Adelaide summer sun.

    That’s when he called Roof To Floor Maintenance to see if Richard could help.

    “Sure”, said Rich. “We love a challenge.”

    Read the case study to see how the job went.

    Concrete swimming pool with flagstones surrounding the edge after a high pressure clean

    High-pressure cleaning delivers a roof revival on the greens

    Tucked away in tranquil bushland, the only thing diminishing the pristine surroundings of the Blackwood Golf Club was their moss-covered roof.

    Framed by native flora, the club’s charm was dulled by moss on the roof, which rivalled the rough near the 9th hole.

    Seeking a fix, they asked Roof To Floor Maintenance to help with a major cleanup operation. With follow-through that would impress any golfer, we cleaned the roof, gutters, and solar panels without disrupting the day’s tee-off. 

    Blackwood Golf Club was once again up to par with its surroundings.



    A clean golf course club room after a commercial high-pressure clean

      A high-pressure clean delivers an A+ for St John’s Grammar 

      We love how the St John’s Grammar School campus blends old charm with new facilities.

      A regular high-pressure cleaning schedule helps preserve the blend of historic charm and modern facilities, maintains a healthy environment and helps prolong the lifespan of structures and facilities.

      Our regular customised high-pressure cleaning plan targets different areas throughout the year.

      Services include:

      💦 high-pressure concrete cleaning
      💦 window cleaning
      💦 shade-sail cleaning
      💦 bird poo removal
      💦 bird spike application.



      A picture of pavers after a high-pressure clean at St John's Grammar School. Water tanks sit behind a colourful banner and paintings on a fence. In the foreground are clean pavers after a high-pressure clean.