School cleaning services across Adelaide

Roof To Floor Maintenance are the school cleaning professionals in Adelaide. Call us to discuss a tailored high-pressure cleaning package.

Maintaining the cleanliness of educational centres requires a specialised cleaning solution. High-pressure cleaning is an effective way to achieve hygiene standards and maintain assets within schools, colleges, kindergartens and childcare centres.  

The combination of cleaning solution and powerful water jets eliminates all traces of common bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, providing a healthier environment for students, educators, and staff. Additionally, regular high-pressure cleaning can reduce the risk of airborne illnesses spreading throughout the complex and can increase the lifespan of business assets. 

Roof To Floor Maintenance provides customised high-pressure cleaning services. We conduct regular high-pressure cleans across schools, colleges, kindergartens and childcare centres. These can be scheduled during school holidays or before or after centre opening hours. 

School, college, kindergarten and childcare centre cleaning services

Our years of experience pressure cleaning schools across Adelaide means we can offer tailored cleaning solutions to suit different educational centres. Our school and education centre cleaning services include:  

  • Bird and pest waste removal, cleaning and bird proofing (installing barriers to stop birds from returning to roost) 
  • Building wash and window cleaning 
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pavement cleaning in common areas 
  • Shade sail clean 
  • Concrete driveway cleaning 
  • Clean and disinfect outdoor play areas 
  • Tennis, netball and basketball court cleaning.

‘Absolutely happy for you to use the shots on your social pages. Thanks again for your wonderful work.’

– Deb, Director Pines  Avenue Child Care Centre

Cleaning bird poo from schools and education settings 

Bird droppings are unsightly and smelly and can also have serious health and safety implications. Regular cleaning is essential in areas where birds roost to reduce the chance of contamination. Correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and the correct cleaning tools are necessary when removing bird poo, as airborne organisms can spread disease when disturbed. That’s why it’s best to enlist the help of a professional when clearing bird and pest waste. 

Built-up bird poo:  

      • can become a health hazard to staff and students. Bird faeces can contain germs responsible for gastrointestinal illness. 
      • is corrosive. A culmination of bird droppings can corrode paintwork, decay timber and render and can cause structural damage if left too long 
      • attracts vermin such as cockroaches and rats (particularly where birds are roosting), adding to the pest problem. 

Roof To Floor Maintenance has years of experience and are experts in cleaning school buildings and grounds. We offer tailored solutions and understand that big tasks are best scheduled during school holidays or after opening hours to minimise disruption. 

Building wash and cleaning windows 

Keeping the exteriors of school buildings clean is a huge job. Often the first impression of a school, it’s important to maintain clean facades, especially around school open days and on Principal Tour dates. 

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    Then call 0412 204 645 or head to our contact page to complete a quote. That’s it! Once we have an idea of the job, we can give you a quote and discuss the best time to schedule it. We understands these jobs are sometimes best done out of hours, so have a chat to see what can be done.  

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