Residential High-Pressure Cleaning Services

We’ll take care of the outdoor cleaning while you get on with life 

Revive your tired, dirty entertaining area with a high-pressure clean

Entertaining area looking tired?

Are your house and outdoor area looking drab and worn out? Does your entertaining area need reviving?  Residential pressure cleaning could help.

The problem…built-up dirt, moss and mould

Over the years, dirt builds up on your pavers, concrete, and entertaining areas, making them look tired and dull. Keeping up with the cleaning feels like a full-time job. Despite your best efforts, your house and outdoor area might not reflect their true value. You’re proud of your home, so it should look its best.

Common frustrations

Grimy shade cloth over your pool, moss on your tiled roof, or oil stains on your concrete driveway — these eyesores can overshadow your otherwise immaculate house and garden.  

The challenge

Keeping everything clean and fresh can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming.  Stop wasting your time and money. Do-it-yourself attempts can lead to no noticeable difference, or worse, injury or property damage.

The solution

So, what’s the solution? Book a residential high-pressure clean. 

We’ll get on with the cleaning, while you get on with life.


Why hire a residential pressure cleaning company for your outdoor area?

There are lots of reasons to hire a professional to take care of your residential pressure cleaning tasks!

Here are just a few: 

  1. When you hire a professional high-pressure cleaning contractor like Roof To Floor Maintenance, we take the guesswork out of those time-wasting, frustrating jobs. That means no more wasted weekends trying to make your outdoor area presentable. 
  2. Our staff have the knowledge, expertise and are trained to use the right tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions to get the best result from the job.
  3. We are covered by insurance up to $20 million and follow the appropriate workplace health and safety regulations.
  4. Our employees are police-checked and cleared.
  5. You get a satisfaction guarantee 

Residential pressure cleaning of paved path before picture showing a dirty paved path down the side of a house.
Residential pressure cleaning of paved path after picture showing a clean paved path down the side of a house.

What are the benefits of hiring a high-pressure cleaning company? 

Whether you’re getting your house ready for the rental market, looking to sell, or just want to impress your guests, Roof to Floor Maintenance can help you get your property ready so you can showcase it at its best.  

A clean tan shade sail over a paved pool area after residential pressure cleaning

Less risk of personal injury.

There are lots of things you can DIY around the home and garden. Highpressure cleaning probably isn’t one of them unless you know what you’re doing. Pressure cleaning equipment releases water at very high-pressure (the name kind of gives it away). This can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to operate the machine. Not to mention a lot of high-pressure work occurs at heights. It’s best to leave it to the experts when working with machinery at heights. 

Less risk of property damage.

The Roof To Floor Maintenance team is trained to use the correct equipment with the proper cleaning solution to get the best results. Don’t risk permanent damage or stained surfaces because of incorrect cleaning techniques.  

Increased property value

A professional residential high-pressure clean can add thousands of dollars in value to your property and increase its visual appeal.  

Longer life expectancy of your assets

A shade sail, outdoor entertaining area or roof can involve a significant financial outlay. You want to ensure you get the most value from your investment and prolong its lifespan. Regular pressure cleans to remove built-up grime, moss and dirt result in a visually appealing property and make financial sense. 


Return your property to its former glory with residential pressure cleaning.

Here’s some of our residential high-pressure cleaning services:  

  • Mould and dirt removal from pavers and pool surrounds 
  • Shade sail cleaning
  • Oil stain removal from driveways 
  • Dirt and grime removal from concrete and paved outdoor areas 
  • Decking and patio cleaning
  • Removal of built-up exhaust fumes and heavy oil stains from garages 
  • Driveway and concrete cleaning and sealing 
  • End of lease cleaning
  • More – just ask us!

We combine high-powered equipment and cleaning solutions with our years of pressure cleaning experience to restore your stained, tired-looking outdoor spaces.

    A dirty pool with sludge and slime in it before residential pressure cleaning
    Residential pressure cleaning a pool that was once a fish pond.
    A concrete pool after a residential pressure clean. There's no more moss or sludge.

    Need a quote for an outdoor pressure clean? Simple, just follow these steps:

    Clarify what you want cleaning – you don’t need to know the exact terminology, just an idea, i.e.: ‘The shade cover over my pool.’ Or, ‘Oil stains from my driveway.’

    Note down the size of the area (just an estimate is fine).

    Photos would be a great help (if you’re requesting an online quote), but don’t worry if you can’t take any.

    If you don’t have photos, we can sometimes get an idea of the size of the job from Google Street View if we have an address.

    That’s it! We will work the rest out and get back to you for more information or with a quote. 

    Call us on 0412 204 645  or head to our contact page to request a quote. 

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