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A home tennis court is a significant investment that can increase your property value, so it’s worth maintaining. Built-up dirt and grime can damage a playing surface and become a safety hazard if there are slippery patches or the surface starts to break down. 

Built-up debris traps moisture, providing the perfect growing environment for mould. Mould feeds on plant and animal matter, so you should regularly remove leaves, plants and dirt from your tennis court. Algae and moss thrive in moist environments, so ensure your tennis court is drained correctly and clear of run-off from drainage systems, retaining walls and garden irrigation systems. 

How to clean mould, moss and algae from your hard surface tennis court.  

Mould, moss and algae grow in damp conditions and become a serious problem for your tennis court if left untreated. Mould patches or moss can be slippery when wet, which is a safety hazard for players. Wet or dry mould patches can change the surface texture and reduce the grip of players’ shoes, increasing the risk of injury.  

We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance of your court, even if it’s not used frequently. 

Follow these easy steps to clean and maintain your hard surface tennis court: 

  1. Remove leaves and other debris weekly (at least monthly) using a broom or blower vac to prevent build-up. 
  2. Spot brush stubborn mould patches with a mix of two parts bleach to one part water. 
  3. Leave the solution for ten minutes. 
  4. Hose it off, ensuring you rinse it thoroughly, and no solution is left on the court. 
  5. Arrange a professional clean at least every twelve months. 

    Be sure to hire a professional pressure cleaner familiar with hard surface courts. We frequently see courts cleaned using improper cleaning practices. This can result in white circular stains on the playing area left by the Whirl-A-Way machine. Generally, this is due to too much, the wrong type, or no cleaning solution used during the cleaning process.  

    We clean a range of sports surfaces across Adelaide:

    Tennis, netball, basketball and handball courts

    Hard surface courts

    Synthetic grass tennis courts

    Residential tennis courts

    Tennis and netball club courts

    School tennis and netball courts

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    Cleaning synthetic grass tennis courts 

    Like hard surface courts, synthetic grass tennis courts require regular maintenance. Leaves and debris should be cleared regularly to reduce moisture build-up. Cleaning an artificial tennis court differs from a hard surface clean. Pressure washing isn’t recommended for synthetic courts as the water pressure can remove the sand and damage the mat fibres. 

    Synthetic grass fibres get compacted (squashed) when contaminants build up on the surface. This reduces the give in the fibres, making the surface harder, which impacts the bounce of the tennis ball and the ease with which players can move around the court.  

    We use special brush equipment to wash and rinse the fibres, removing the built-up grime and lifting the fibres to restore the bounce and movement to the court. 

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