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Roof To Floor Maintenance provides commercial and residential high-pressure cleaning across Adelaide.

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Our Adelaide commercial and residential pressure cleaning services are tailored to your needs. We’ve built our knowledge on years of experience in the high-pressure cleaning industry.

What does that mean for you? It means you can sit back and relax with peace of mind, knowing your cleaning job will be delivered efficiently, honestly and with superior results.

Explore our range of services to learn more about our work. 

Our Services

Residential pressure cleaning

Restore your home and outdoor area to their former glory with our domestic high-pressure cleaning services.

Tennis court and sports surface cleaning

Keep your courts and hard surfaces game-ready with our tennis court and sports-surface cleaning.

Roof cleaning, gutter and solar panel cleaning

Protect your property through regular roof cleaning and gutter cleaning, and harness the sun’s power with spotless solar panels. 

School, childcare, kindy and university cleaning

Present your school or educational setting at its best with a grounds and facilities high-pressure clean.

Graffiti removal

Wipe away graffiti with our fast, reliable removal solutions. We’re here for you when you need a quick solution.

Commercial high-pressure cleaning

Keep your commercial property looking sharp with our range of high-pressure cleaning services.

Roof to floor maintenance staff member using a power scrubber to clean concrete in front of a shop
A Roof to Floor Maintenance staff member uses a concrete scrubber to clean concrete at a high school
An outdoor seating area at an Adelaide high school after a high-pressure clean

Why hire a high-pressure cleaning company when you can do it yourself? 

That’s a good question, and one we see a bit at Roof To Floor Maintenance. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming if you’ve never used a professional high-pressure cleaning contractor before. And when you do get around to doing something about it, lots of reasons spring to mind stopping you from acting. The good news is you’re already over the first hurdle — you’ve started researching Adelaide high-pressure cleaning companies.  


Your high-pressure cleaning questions answered.

Can I trust a pressure-cleaning contractor to do a proper job?

Roof to Floor Maintenance is a family-owned Adelaide company. We’ve been in business for over 20 years. Over time we’ve learnt a thing or two about high-pressure cleaning. As a small South Australian business, honesty and relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the trust placed in us when you ask for help. It’s that trust that drives our work ethic and commitment to our customers.  

I’ve heard high-pressure cleaning can be expensive

It’s true hiring a pressure cleaning professional will cost more than DIY. However, when you think of the cost to fix any damage or the risk of personal injury if anything goes wrong, the cost outweighs the risk. 

Is a high-pressure cleaner suitable for what I need to be cleaned?

As mentioned above, high-pressure cleaning isn’t appropriate for all surfaces. We’ll chat with you before quoting to determine if pressure cleaning suits your job. If it isn’t, Richard may be able to offer an alternative solution. 

Have more questions? Give Richard or Sharon a call. They’re happy to discuss any concerns to help you decide if high-pressure cleaning is suitable for you.  

‘The work was done promptly and to a high standard. I was most impressed with the care they took and their willingness to undertake extra tasks (replacing tiles, sealing damaged tiles and cleaning blocked drains) to ensure not only the roof was clean, but that the stormwater system functioned properly.’

– Mark, 5 Star Google Review

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A dirty hard surface netball court is covered in grime and dirt prior to high-pressure cleaning
A green, lined hard surface netball court after a high-pressure clean in Adelaide

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